Michał Wieczorek – ESR11

Michał Wieczorek - ESR11
Hi, I’m Michał! I’m from Poland and I previously studied philosophy at the University of Warsaw, focusing on philosophy of technology, hermeneutics and phenomenology. During my studies, I also worked as a writer and translator and gained some experience in the public sector.
I am currently doing my PhD at Dublin City University under the supervision of Prof. Bert Gordijn and work on PROTECT Working Package 2 which deals with personalisation technologies.
My own research explores the ethical aspects of self-tracking technologies such as fitness bands and smartwatches. I am particularly interested in how collecting numbers about everyday activity influences people’s habits, moral judgments and imagination. My theoretical approach combines neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics with pragmatism.
Outside of work, I play board games, learn to play the piano, read books and watch movies.
You can find some of my non-academic writing at https://culture.pl/en/author/michal-wieczorek.
Check my posts for PROTECT here.

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