Karen Vázquez – ESR12

Karen Vázquez Flores - ESR12
Hi, I’m Karen, I am from Mexico and I studied computer science with focus in Processing Natural Language, Data science and now Artificial Intelligence.
I consider myself a person who really focuses on my career because I love it. I like the challenge with my profession and I learn many things about this.
Nowadays, I’m an ESR at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid under the supervision of Prof. Elena Montiel. My research topic is included in PROTECT’s Work Package 2 on the “Ethics of Personalisation”.
As for my research on Privacy Policies, the goal is that with the use of Semantic Technologies (terminologies, taxonomies or ontologies) I can develop a tool that I hope can make privacy policies more understandable for final users.
The project is simultaneously funding my PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
Personally, I love to do exercise and my other hobbies include drawing, walking, cooking and watching TV series.
Check my posts for PROTECT here.

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Vazquez, K. L., Tovar, M., Pinto, D., & Reyes-Ortiz, J. A. (2016). A Lexical Supervised Approach for Opinion Mining in the Domain of Laptops and Restaurants. Res. Comput. Sci., 130, 45-52.