Haleh Asgarinia – ESR5

Haleh Asgarinia - ESR5
Hi, I am Haleh, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Twente. My research interests cover the ethics of emerging technology, privacy, and data protection. My Ph.D. aims to assess privacy issues caused by emerging technologies in the health care area.
Within the PROTECT project, I work on the ethical assessment of proposed standard form policies against shifting user expectations.
I hold a BA in Software Engineering and MA in Philosophy of Science. I proposed an efficient method for neutralizing published patcher/patched files developed by crackers for software in my bachelor thesis. In my master thesis, I evaluated Distributed Multi-Agent System (DMA) within Information Ethics.
Check my posts for PROTECT here.

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Asgarinia, H. (2020). The role of privacy impact assessments in shaping privacy-protective technical solutions. in Privacy & Pandemics: Responsible Uses of Technology & Health Data.