Andrés Chomczyk – ESR3

Hi, welcome to my profile!
I’m Andrés and I come from Argentina. There I worked as an attorney for a couple of years in the new field of fintech law before deciding to jump into academia. Currently, I’m doing my PhD in law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and working alongside my colleagues Beatriz and Haleh in PROTECT’s WP1.
Considering that I was a practitioner, my research intends to be helpful for others who are working in the field. As such, my research thesis intends to bring together my work at PROTECT together my experience and research interests. In this respect, I’m trying to build a method to draft compliant and, most importantly, understandable privacy policy notices, using the fintech industry as a use case.
Besides working and studying, I enjoy a lot practicing judo and having an Argentine mate in a park (during the few sunny days that Brussels offers).
Check my posts for PROTECT here.

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