Michał Wieczorek on ‘How Paul Baran Invented the Internet’

Michał Wieczorek, ESR 11 in PROTECT, wrote an article on culture.pl discussing the man who invented packet switching entitled ‘Averting the Apocalypse with Hot Potatoes: How Paul Baran Invented the Internet’.

Here is a small excerpt of what you can read in his reflection:

Ever wondered how it is that whenever you click on one of Culture.pl’s links, you’re immediately transported to a different place, full of wonderful pictures and well-written sentences telling a fascinating story? Well, it was all made possible thanks to the work of Paul Baran, a Polish Jewish American engineer who laid down the Internet’s technical foundation.

Check out the full article here: https://culture.pl/en/article/how-paul-baran-invented-the-internet

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